Where we start

We start at the beginning.  Everyone has a different situation.  We gather all your information and we build a road map.  We figure out where you are at then step by step we get you where you need to be.

We Review your Credit Report

Most people have outdated or incorrect information on their credit report and they don’t even know it.  We make sure that everything is correct and then we help you to get the things removed or corrected that are hurting your credit.

Eliminating Debt

With our Debt Stacking method, we develop a plan for you to eliminate your debt at an accelerated rate

Building New Credit

With our proven methods, we work with you step by step to establish new, good credit on your file and on average, we can raise most credit scores 100 points.

Buying A New Car

We have a car buying specialist that will negotiate directly with auto manufactures and dealers to get you a much better rate on a new vehicle.  We put money back in your pocket.

Being Approved For That New House

We have Realtors and Lenders that are ready to work with you when you are ready to buy that new house.